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Learning Opportunities

Public Health Mini Courses

TEPHI Public Health Mini Courses are 1–3-hour, online trainings, highlighting various Public Health topics. These courses are designed to be completely inclusive, free and accessible to all Texas residents. There is a Knowledge Check assessment at the end of each course to ensure mastery of the material. Through providing Public Health mini courses, TEPHI strives to meet the need for continued professional education opportunities to enhance individual and community resiliency.

TEPHI Public Health Mini Courses

Health Communication Training Series (HCTS)

TEPHI has partnered with the UT Austin Center for Health Communication to develop a selection of HCTS courses that support communication best practices and provide tools for public health professionals, health care workers, and community leaders to be better prepared against future infectious disease outbreaks. TEPHI HCTS courses are free, with CNE/CME ethics credits available for some courses.

Health Communication Training Series

Community Health Worker Trainings

The Community Health Worker (CHW) Trainings encompass a wide range of topics and provide DSHS-approved continuing education credits that are essential for CHW recertification. Available at no cost to Texas CHWs, these comprehensive online courses are designed to equip CHWs with essential knowledge and skills to better support their community’s health.

Community Health Worker Trainings Thumbnail

CHW Emergency Preparedness & Response Orientation

The Online Community Health Worker (CHW) Emergency Preparedness & Response Orientation is the first of four certified courses that make up the Emergency Preparedness & Response Initiative, also known as the CHW-EPR Initiative. This asynchronous training introduces participants to the organizations collaborating on this effort and provides a brief overview of how the initiative was created. This course also describes the CHW Model for EPR, a summary of disaster response, and gives instructions on how to join the initiative.

Community Health Worker Training

MRC Pandemic Preparedness & Response

Designed for Medical Reserve Corps and other community volunteers who bolster local public health efforts, these short introductory training modules are tailored to accommodate volunteers from diverse backgrounds, including those in the medical field, other non-medical professions, and students. Developed in partnership with DSHS, these modules equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to support their community's health and safety during public health events. Click to go to TRAIN Texas, and search “TEPHI” in the course catalog.

MRC Pandemic Preparedness & Response thumbnail


A series of free webinars, TEPHI Talks highlight Texas business sector pandemic preparedness and response, and are offered free of charge to business professionals. Since its launch in July 2022, TEPHI Talks has featured key leaders from Texas businesses, including HEB, Office Depot, and McKesson.


TEPHI Grand Rounds

A series of free webinars, TEPHI Grand Rounds works to update the public health community and health care workers on emerging and reemerging infections of interest in the state of Texas and beyond. Since its launch in July 2022, topics covered have included mPox, human noroviruses, and mitigating future pandemics.

TEPHI Grand Rounds

TEPHI Infection Prevention and Control Series

The Infection Prevention and Control series is a free training program that provides insights into crucial infection prevention and control practices for healthcare settings. The series includes both general overviews and in-depth explorations of specific topics, including environment of care, outbreak response, and quality improvement for staff and patients.

Infection Prevention and Control Series

Texas Public Health Summit

Texas Public Health Summit 2022

In July 2022, TEPHI hosted the inaugural Texas Public Health Summit in collaboration with the UTHealth School of Public Health and the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). The conference was free and planned as an annual event addressing prescient topics in public health locally, regionally, and nationally. Attended by nearly 100 individuals in-person, and over 200 virtually, the Summit, was dedicated to health communication.


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